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Rob Kovacs, Ohio, USA

img_3966_robI was able to reverse several health issues including arthritis and extreme fatigue through diet and lifestyle change, specifically following Paleo and Bulletproof principals.

I do not believe there is one diet that works for everyone. Instead, I work with clients to help them optimize their diet and/or exercise for their specific goals.

I’ve been coaching for two years and have worked with over 200 people helping them optimize their health by making small and measurable changes.

If you’re ready to start improving your health, I would be honored to help you on your journey!

What Clients Are Saying About Rob

“Rob is a great coach. In fact one of the best I have ever had the pleasure working with. He takes you serious as his coachee!! I am blown away about his passion and his relentlessness to look after me. He checks on my food, provides me with very practical and useful tips and keeps encouraging me. I have lost about 10 kg so far. And it was easy. He made it easy!”
— Renato

“I hired Rob to help me get back to following the Paleo diet. He checked in daily and always held me accountable. He is very knowledgeable all kinds of health topics and has a holistic view on health. The different tweaks in the diet and supplements that he recommended made all the difference for me. Two months later I’m very happy with my diet habits, goal achieved. Thank you Rob, you’re awesome!”
— George

“I’d been experimenting with the Paleo diet but had never been able to make the leap. Rob helped me to make the transition fully and now eating Paleo is just the default and a habit for me. Rob was great at checking in every day providing tips, support and accountability. I really enjoyed working with Rob and highly recommend him!”
— Jonathan

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Serey Mao, Heidelberg, Germany

serey2014Being on a plant-based diet since over two years has not only helped me losing body fat and gaining muscles but living a fulfilling life without calorie restriction.

I built up a regular exercise routine that keeps my mind and body fit and healthy and I feel how I’m getting stronger every day.

I want to help you reaching your fitness and health goals by sharing my expertise and guiding you on a daily process towards a better you.

Do you want to lose weight, get in shape or eat better? Life is beautiful and you should be able to live and love it to the fullest. Let me help you!

What Clients Are Saying About Serey

“Serey is a great motivator with lots of useful suggestions. In the call we had she really helped me think clearly about my motivation and develop strategies to assist my progress.”
— Kathryn

“Serey really listened to what my goals were, and helped me figure out how I can reach them. She checks in with me daily, offers insightful advice (recipes, social strategies), and is always super encouraging!”
— Matt

“With her positive support, clear communication, and nudging, I feel empowered to take control and focus my energy where it is needed.”
— Amy

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Dorothy Stainbrook, Minnesota, USA

dorothy-at-sf-pub-945x1024-2Successful diet change is an honest struggle.

I lost 35 lbs on the 4-Hour Body diet 3 years ago and have continued to lose fat and gain muscle and energy through a more robust ketogenic diet.

I have now coached over 200 people to success in their diet and fitness goals, with a focus on customizing the coaching around an individual’s lifestyle to ensure sustainable long-term success.

What Clients Are Saying About Dorothy

“Dorothy is absolutely amazing and truly cares for your well being. She takes established strategies and then expertly customizes them to suit your personal needs and profile
— Nikki

“Dorothy was a super coach. She was there every day with encouragement and an amazing amount of research.  I can’t recommend Dorothy enough, she helped me reach weight loss goals and more. Double good!”
—  Jim

“Dorothy is very supportive and encouraging. She is very skillful in dealing with client of all ages, lifestyles and weight goals. She is very invested in my success. I highly recommend her!”
— Myriam

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Ben Whittle, Scotland, Edinburgh

232ed5cWhy can’t you make those lifestyle changes last? I will show and coach you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Specifically, with my background in willpower, low-carb/ancestral nutrition, and weight lifting, I will show you how you can become healthy and fit on a sustainable and long-term basis.

Having been following an ancestral type diet for four years, combined with my trial and error of many fitness programs, I will show you specifically what works, what doesn’t and how to most effectively make it an effortless part of your weekly schedule.

What Clients Are Saying About Ben

“Ben is a wicked combination of persistent, knowledgable and very thoughtful. Working with him feels like buying back 20% of my willpower while getting great results!”
— Taylor

“Ben is insightful and motivating. He helped me get my diet into proper order and was always there for encouragement and guidance. He’s excellent!”
— Rodney

“Ben is great! Very enthusiastic and gets you motivated to work. If you want to start a fitness plan, Ben will make it happen for you!”
— Matt

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