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Patrik Edblad

The Selfication Story

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Do you feel like there is something missing? Like there is something else you should be doing with your time? Something bigger and better?

Do you feel stuck in your old ways and don’t know how to change? Are you dealing with a feeling of discontent but no idea what to do about it or where to start?

I was in the same situation for a very long time until intensive and continuous personal development work finally gave me clarity and put me on the right path.

The Selfication blog is for those who want to change, grow and live their life to the fullest.

It is my passion to share my experiences and what I’ve learned with as many people as possible.

My Story

My name is Patrik and I was born in a small town in the middle of Sweden called Östersund in April of 1982. I had what I’d consider a pretty much ideal childhood growing up in a nice house with loving parents and a baby brother.

As kids we’d spend a lot of time visiting our relatives in the country side of the county where we lived. We’d play with our cousins in the summers and go snowmobiling with our parents, their friends and kids in the winters.

The summer of 1994 was a magical summer for a lot of Swedes and mine was no exception. The weather was tropical pretty much all summer and I watched as Sweden won the bronze medal in the soccer World Cup in the USA. From that point forward soccer was, and still is, one of my biggest passions.

When I finished school I went to work at a couple of different places but I didn’t stay very long as they were monotone and boring jobs.

Along Came Poker

Right around 2003 a friend of mine said he knew someone who was making money playing online poker. Knowing my ability to shamelessly immerse in things I get interested in, he suggested I should try it out.

I deposited $20 on a poker site he’d heard about and went to work. After a couple of hours I had doubled the money. The next day I was up to $94. The day after that I had lost it all.

The game had me intrigued though and soon I was reading poker forums and books (some of which are now considered dated but classics). I started playing freerolls (poker tournaments that doesn’t cost anything to enter but still have prizes) and a couple of months later I made like 100th place in one of those and won $2.

I bought into a $1 tournament and went out fairly quickly. I spent the last $1 on another tournament and won it for a staggering $97!

A couple of days later I went on to play a $10 tournament with rebuys (meaning you can rebuy back into the tournament if you go out, usually during the first hour of play). I spent $30 and when the clock was around 4 am the next morning I went out in fourth netting me about $1400.

I went to bed ecstatic with poker hands flashing before me as I closed my eyes knowing that I’d have to go to work in 3 hours. But what did I care, I’d just made almost a months salary in one night!

After that night, my obsession with poker was even greater. I joined training sites, watched poker videos and got to know a few really good players over the Internet. But it wasn’t until the winter of 2007 it really took off for me. That’s when I turned about $2000 to over $35000 in a couple of months and decided to quit my job.

The Experience That Changed My Life Forever

In 2012 I had been playing poker full time for about 5 years. Over the course of that period I had a feeling of discontent that had been getting stronger over time. The money I was earning was decent and I had a lot of personal freedom but I still really felt like I should be doing something else with my time.

The problem was that I had no clue what. So, without doing much investigation, I kept going and the feeling kept growing stronger.

Then, on an early Saturday morning in May that year, I got a phone call. I had been playing late so I missed the initial call. When I looked at the display I got a bad feeling. It was my dad calling at 6 am. I immediately knew something was wrong because he’d never in my life called me unannounced at that time.

What happened next is kind of a blur but when I got back to my dad it wasn’t him answering and I was told he was in the emergency room and they weren’t sure he was going to survive.

From that point everything went surreal. I was told my dad had gotten a very serious and unusual blood poisoning. As the doctors fought for his life his condition kept getting worse and the decision was soon made to fly him with helicopter to Stockholm to get expert help.

My mother was in Turkey on vacation so me and my brother had to inform her by telephone as we got in his car and left for Stockholm with our girlfriends.

Within 48 hours of arriving in Stockholm, dad had left our lives for good.

Spend Your Life The Way You Want To Spend It

As life passes by it’s very easy to take it for granted. Most of the time we don’t think about the fact that it can all end very quickly for us or anyone we know. All the loving connections we have must at some point somehow come to an end.

This is a sad and scary fact but it’s important that we keep it in mind from time to time so that we don’t waste the little and precious time we have on this earth.

Life is too short to be doing what you don’t like and worrying about what other people think. That stuff is just not important because in the end, the only one you’ll have to explain your decisions to is yourself.

Today, my life view is shifted in a way that I can never go back to being discontent or “okay” with my life. For me, it’s just not an option anymore.

How about you? Have you had a life changing experience? A moment that defined your life? How were you affected?