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Nigel Cook, Vancouver Island, Canada

nigel-cook-closeup-headshotI use supportive accountability to help my clients reach their business, career, and personal goals. We’ll create weekly and daily action plans that make it clear and simple for you to take action on your goals. When challenges or obstacles come up, I’ll be here to offer support, feedback, and solutions.

My coaching program is a good fit for you if you’d like clarity on your goals, a clear achievable action plan and would like to minimize bad habits, distractions, and procrastination.

I’ve studied marketing and online business and have also started several online businesses. Looking forward to helping you reach your business, career and personal goals!

What Clients Are Saying About Nigel

“Nigel helped me take the needed steps towards finishing my website. His daily feedback and encouragements motivated me to show up everyday even in my most difficult moments and when I was too tired to work.”
— Claire

“Nigel helped me lay a solid foundation for my business and provided wisdom that gave me confidence to take bold steps. I highly recommend him if you’re interested in doing anything related to business.”
— Ricardo

“Nigel helped me with prioritizing projects and my business launch. My favorite thing was waking up every morning with an encouraging, accountability message from Nigel. He listens and understands me very well, and was able to get me moving forward with my priorities!”
— Katrina

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Rob Filardo, Indiana, USA

filardoI’m a Certified Productivity Coach, Evernote Certified Consultant, and Principal Project Manager.

I’m passionate about helping others establish daily habits to boost productivity and wellness.

Defining strategic goals, setting daily priorities, starting a meditation practice and developing an energizing morning routine are great reasons for us to work together!

What Clients Are Saying About Rob

“Rob blew my world wide open with an observation on how I could recover more efficiently. His approach to coaching was very personalized and accommodated my personal preferences within the philosophies he advocates. I highly recommend working with Rob!”
— Abby

“I have increased my productivity immensely and I even have time for spare time projects now. I would not hesitate one second to recommend Rob to anyone struggling with managing work or life in general.”
— Kristoffer

“Rob was incredible. He gave me the tools and coaching to better organize both my personal and professional life. Using the right tools and methods made all the difference for me in getting more done every day.”
— Jeff

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Niklas Goeke, Munich, Germany

avatar-square“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

That’s true. But it’s also true that IF your dreams scare you, you’ll procrastinate on getting started. A lot.

I’ve helped close to 300 people start. In the past two years, I’ve broken down dozens of big, scary, audacious goals together with my clients. Together we methodically break them down into tiny, actionable, step-by-step processes.

Choosing to work with me means choosing to take responsibility. But it also means choosing someone to motivate you, hold you accountable and care deeply about your goals.

Each month we’ll have a 60-minute coaching call, after which you’ll know 3 exact things to focus on for the next month. Every Friday I’ll follow up with you to hold you accountable and help track your progress.

What Clients Are Saying About Niklas

“Nik gave me the strategies and insights to focus on my biggest tasks and slash busywork. More importantly, his recommendations helped me structure my days to get at least 50% more done. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, or just want to achieve more and get promoted faster at your job, I highly recommend getting Nik’s coaching.”
— Logan

“Nik helped me turn a slump around. I’m more productive than I’ve been in years. He’s a great listener, knowledgeable, and can think outside of the box. He has a very personal dedicated style. My health is turning around and I’m starting my business. I think quality coaching is essential for big success. Thanks, Nik! ”
— John

“Niklas helped me to write daily on my novel. His encouragement was valuable. After two years of stagnation, he got me moving along again. His coaching was priceless and I hate to have to end it.
— Richele

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George Halachev, Sofia, Bulgaria


Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed often? Do you feel guilty because you procrastinate every day? I felt that way too.

Then I spent 5 years studying the top time management books and seminars. I implemented everything I could find about productivity and it completely transformed my life.

I’d love to be with you every day and share all the techniques that helped me. I will help you kill procrastination, free up more time for the things you love and reduce the stress and anxiety in your life.

What Clients Are Saying About George

“George gave me a lot of helpful tips in how to wake up and be productive, and i feel like i’m on my way to achieving my goal, thank you!”
— Richard

“George was amazing! He checked in with me everyday, gave me some useful tools to accomplish my goals, and helped me change my perspective.”
— Brian

“George is a great coach. Very attentive, he checks in every weekday and has lots of helpful suggestions and motivational strategies.”
— Kathryn

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Cherry Jeffs, Location Independent

CherryJeffsFed up of leaving your creative projects incomplete? I specialize in productivity for creatives!

Let me share the habits-based approach I used to beat creative block and achieve my dream of being a professional artist.

Working with me, you’ll establish a regular and balanced creative practice that will enable you to take your work from vision to completed projects and beyond.

What Clients Are Saying About Cherry

“Cherry did help me tremedously with breaking out of my creative block. She encouraged and inspired me on pursuing a new way of using my creative voice, which lead me in short time to exciting new insights and potential projects.”
— Andreas

“Cherry helped me to practice my creativity every day. She helped keep me accountable and gave me ideas on where I can grow. I highly recommend working with Cherry to help you make your art a priority in your life.”
— Travis

“Cherry helped coach me through a self-directed writing deadline that I was dreading due to all sorts of anxiety. I made the deadline! I value Cherry’s perspective on creative habits and her ability to translate her talents in artistic creation to my work in academic research.”
— Ryan

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Willem Van Zyl, Cape Town, South Africa

profile-coach-02-640x640I’m a Productivity Coach and Certified Evernote Consultant, and I work with both businesses & individuals to help them deal with email overload, refine and improve the ways in which they get things done, find ways to automate their work, and make visible progress towards their goals.

What Clients Are Saying About Willem

“Willem has a number of great productivity techniques and is great as an accountability partner and coach. I have managed to get a much clearar view of my tasks and my time management has greatly improved since I started my coaching.”
— Jim

“Willem is an extraordinary coach who geniuinly cares for his clients. He made sure to consisntly check up on my progress and was patient with my repsonses despite being busy. He gave out a lot of great resources for my goal and made plans really simple and efficient. I definitely recommend Willem as a coach!”
— Edwin

“Willem is an awesome coach! He is detail-oriented and precise when answering questions, and he gave great suggestions that helped med get up to speed quickly. Give him a try, you will not regret it!”
— Ziemek

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