How to Enjoy Life to the Fullest in 2016: Advice From 5 Gratitude & Happiness Experts

enjoy life to the fullest

This is the final part of my mini-series on how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions with Coach.me and I can’t think of a better way to end it than by examining the question of how to enjoy life to the fullest in 2016.

You see, most people settle for getting through the day. But it’s so much more rewarding to getting from the day.

So, how do you do that? I reached out to five gratitude and happiness coaches to find out.

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What would be your number one advice for someone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest in 2016?

AgnesMolnar_profile2“As an entrepreneur mother of three, it is important to stay always positive and happy. What I found is happiness is a question of decision and a process of learning. Also, by teaching happiness, you can find learning happiness as well. Decide that you want to be happy and enjoy life. Find your passion. Find what you like doing the most. Then practice it, and share your happy experience. It’ll get back to you!”
— Agnes Molnar


tarra flores sloan“My number one advice for someone who truly wants to start improving their life, especially at a great time like New Years, is a 2 part answer. The bottom line being consistency.
1.) Meditation: if you haven’t tried it yet, do it. If you don’t have ten minutes per day to do this, then you should not only do it, but double the time to 20 minutes. Deepak Chopra has FREE apps for your cell phone, that makes it very simple to plugin your cell, and unplug your brain. Allow a guided practice to simplify and clear your energy. 7 days a week. Your whole life will improve.
2.) Mindset: positive affirmations, I AM statements, replacing words in your every day conversation to kind ones. You can still be a rockstar business person and be positive and kind. You will actually feel more energetic and organized having a positive mindset. Louise Haye has some FREE apps for your cell phone with mantras to repeat. Do this daily. Re-setting your energy and mindset in these ways improves your daily thought processes, how much more aware you are and what you will see that had gone unnoticed before–it is completely amazing. Good luck to you in your practice, Namaste and Happy New Year 2016!”
— Tarra Flores Sloan


Winson's resume photo_01-cropped“In order to enjoy life to the fullest, you need to eliminate fears in your life. The way to do is not to run away but to define it through clarity. We fear what we do not know. By understanding what is holding us back, we can take conscious steps towards overcoming it. Start by writing your obstacles down. Next, write down one thing you can do to get 1% better at it or work towards eliminating it TODAY. Set aside 10mins to work on it every day. It’s ok that you are not where you want to be. But it’s not ok to not work towards it.”
Winson Teo, Average Alternatives


max kohlerBe grateful for everything – people around you, situations, money. Every cent and every smile counts. Whenever I get home from basketball I’m grateful that I didn’t break any bones or tore a muscle. And please, be humble. Lottery winners often end up poorer than before because they spend everything. Don’t be excessive. By the way, you’re moving around in a combination of molecules through three-dimensional space on a big round rock that gravitates perfectly around a hot ball to sustain life – HOW CRAZY IS THAT?”
Max Kohler, Knowly


kristie kennedy“1) Purchase a gratitude journal: It is easy to lose sight of the many blessings you have in your life when you choose not to reflect in a quiet space to give thanks.
2) One a day: Think about the special people that are close to your heart, especially if you are married. In order to avoid taking our family and friends for granted, verbally express one thing to them that you are thankful for. I always say, “It’s the little things that make a BIG difference!” What you appreciate, appreciates!
3) Serve the less fortunate: This is one act that keeps my heart continously in a humble posture. Whenever I interact or see the homeless I immediately consider how rich my life is. I begin to give thanks for a roof over my head, shoes on my back and food on the table.”
Kristie Kennedy, KristieKennedy.com

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