New Years Resolution Ideas & How to Make Them a Success – Featuring 75 Experts

S2Snap! Crackle! Pop! (Or whatever fireworks sound like in english.)

Aaah… New Years Eve. It’s that magical time of year when we all get to sum up what’s been (for good or bad) and look ahead towards the next chapter of our lives; the new year.

For many of us that means doing some planning and committing to some more or less ambitious new years resolutions.

But did you know that about 88 % of the resolutions made in the US every new years eve are unsuccessful? (And I’m guessing other countries aren’t doing that much better.)

88 %!! That is depressing. And that is why I’m bringing the new years resolution hacking cavalry in on this one. 😉

Making New Years Resolutions Work

Now, I don’t know about you. But I’ve certainly been guilty of setting new years resolutions that have been a complete failure within a couple of months (days).

When you’ve done this a couple of times it’s easy to lose faith. Your resolutions almost becomes something you just say for the sake of it rather than actually trying to make a change.

So when I sat out to plan my upcoming year I thought that rather than setting some meaningless goals just because I’m “supposed to”, why not reach out to some experts and figure out what it takes to make new years resolutions actually stick?

And that’s what I did. It turned out to be quite a lot of work (researching and emailing a ton of experts within each field) but the results were clearly worth the effort as these extraordinary folks came through with some amazing advice. Here’s what they said:

How to Make Your New Years Resolutions A Booming Success

FarnooshBrock“Don’t make a resolution on new year’s.
Make it sometime in December. Or mid-January or early February. Break out of the habit of tying the new year with resolutions. Create a new tradition and follow that so it matters to you more.”
– Farnoosh Brock, Prolific Living

sidsavara“Make a resolution that actually matters to you.
So many people set resolutions based on what they think other people want, but I instead challenge you to ask yourself – what do you want? You are the person who needs to be motivated to stick with it when times get tough. If you make a resolution that you don’t truly care about, you’re much more likely to fail.

By setting a resolution that you believe in, you’ll find that you are more resilient than you ever thought – and achieving it will be that much more personally satisfying.”
Sid Savara (for more on what NOT to do, get Sid’s report The 7 Reasons People Fail)

celestine-chua“Focus on the 1-2 big things that are most important to you, and get working on them. You can get 10, 20, or even 30 goals and that’s fine, but know it’s those 1-2 big goals that will make the biggest difference in your life once accomplished.

For example, I have tons of mini-goals like to dress up as a Santarina, to take part in a cosplay, to swim with the dolphins, and so on, but the goal that makes the biggest difference in my life is growing my blog and personal development business. So that’s the one goal I focus on excelling every year without fail, and that’s why I do my end-of-year roundups every year with absolute fulfillment.”
– Celestine Chua, Personal Excellence

JD Meier“Plan in January, but Do in February. Starting in February gives you a few advantages. It’s a chance to really focus on your goal after the hustle and bustle. It gives you space in January to really plan how you’ll accomplish your goal. And, while others are losing their New Years momentum, you are just warming up.”
– J.D. Meier, SourcesOfInsight.com

james_clear“The best thing you can do for new years resolutions is stop worrying about the goal and start committing to the process. It’s not about the goal of losing weight, it’s about the process of living life as a healthy person. It’s not about the goal of starting your own business, it’s about the process of working each day like an entrepreneur. It’s not about the goal of writing a best-selling book, it’s about the process of sitting down and writing each day.

The results you have in your life right now (good or bad) are not a reflection of your goals, they are a reflection of the way you are currently living your life. If you want to actually change things, then it’s about committing to the daily process, not setting an impressive goal. For a better explanation of this, read my articles on identity-based habits and the difference between goals and systems.”
James Clear

penelope-trunk“Make a resolution to do something for three weeks instead of the rest of your life. It takes only three weeks to change a habit, and that commitment is much less daunting than changing your whole life. People who have huge success reach that success by doing something small each day. Success is not about blowing peoples’ minds with your greatness, it’s about showing up and doing your small thing each day. It all adds up.”
Penelope Trunk

sean_ogle“The best advice I can give for new years resolutions is to make them as public as possible. The more you can get the community around you to help with your accountability (even indirectly) the better the chances of success. When I created the bucket list on my website, it was simply for public accountability. If I say I’m going to do something and don’t, it’s harder to accept when you have to admit it to a community of peers.”
– Sean Ogle, Location 180

henrijunttila“I’ve never made new years resolutions, but I have set goals, which are new years resolutions in different clothing. When you make a goal, it has to be something that you’re aligned with. When I say aligned, I mean something that you want on every level (mind, body, soul). When I’m aligned with a goal, I almost don’t have to set the goal. The goal is a formality, because it feels good to move toward the goal. However, it also feels scary, because it pushes me to grow.

So it doesn’t matter whether you look at it as a new years resolution, a goal, or something else. What matters is that you’re following your heart and inspiration. Is your goal making you come alive in this very moment? That’s the question you want to ask yourself. The worst thing you can do is make new years resolutions, or set goals, because you think you should. Follow your heart above all else, and listen to your inspiration.”
– Henri Junttila, Wake Up Cloud

NavidI personally don’t really set New Year’s resolutions myself, but rather have small and big specific goals I want to accomplish throughout the year. I usually also tend to attach a date I would like to achieve my goal, that makes it more exciting and fun for me to push forward and go after the things I really want in life.

The reason why I don’t believe much in New Year’s resolutions is because it normally makes you procrastinate and put things off until New Years’ Day. Instead of waiting till the 1st of January to get started, you can get started right now – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of August or December when you are reading this – start now, with one small step and just start taking massive action!

Something I always say, is that you should act before you’re ready, because it will never be a perfect time to get started, so instead of waiting a few months or even years to go after the things that really matters to you, you can start TODAY. It also helps to have some accountability partners, or if you don’t have that, tell your friends and family about what you are doing. That will definitely help you get started right away so you can achieve your goals faster!
Navid Moazzez

scott-dinsmore“Surround yourself with the people who make failure impossible. Choose resolutions and goals that really mean something to you and then go out and find the people who are already operating on the level you want to operate on. Then hang out with them as much as possible. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing it. Brainwash the impossible. Environment is everything. Choose your friends wisely…”
– Scott Dinsmore, Live Your Legend



John Lee Dumas from the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast shares his advice in audio:

“Dont wait until the new year to start your New Years resolution.”
– Joel Runyon, Impossible HQ

New Years Resolution Ideas

With all that awesome advice in mind lets get down to the specifics. Listed below are some of the most commonly desired resolutions that people have a hard time sticking to. I contacted experts within each field to figure out how to successfully:

What’s Next

Now, I have two things to ask of you:

  1. How do you usually approach your new years resolutions? Have you had any success so far? Let us know in the comments.
  2. Get some accountability. Email this article to a friend (or a group of friends) and help each other out by stating and pursuing your new years resolutions together.

Here’s to your success – Good Luck & Happy New Year! 🙂