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Marshall Hughes, Frankston, Australia

MHC_4818_ColourI’m the coach for people who are looking for someone to hold them accountable for a variety of business or personal goals.

My clients are smart and driven individuals whose greatest challenge is deciding which of their projects to focus on.

Whether it’s daily tasks, marketing plans, learning or anything I’ll check in with you every day, listen to your thoughts and ask questions. You can bounce ideas, challenges, and problems off me and see where we can take them.

I promise I’m non-judgemental and I am as keen to help you improve as you are.

What Clients Are Saying About Marshall

“Marshall is very knowledgeable and gave me extremely useful hints and techniques in being more organised and SMART, bringing a reasonable dose of humour. If you are looking for someone who can help you figure out your goals and move towards them, Marshall is the man.”
— Daniele

“This has been a very productive and enjoyable ride. A lot of it is mental discipline and shift, enforced and sustained by habit and having Marshall as a guide made the difference.”
— Tariq

“Marshall was my coach for “Productivity for Leaders” and was terrific. I needed help staying focused on my most important tasks, and Marshall approached the goal from multiple angles. He asked insightful questions, challenged me when I needed it, and offered many suggestions that were right on-target.”
— Greg

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Kendra Kinnison, Texas, USA


I help people and businesses achieve excellence by developing habits for effective leadership. I believe there’s a unique recipe that will allow you to live and work at your best and that habits are the secret weapons that help us achieve excellence as leaders.

I’m here to help you find the recipe to reach your full potential. There’s a core set of skills that set good leaders apart from great ones. These core skills are relatively easy to adopt – but you’ll need to be intentional about developing them.

We’ll start with where you are, and build momentum step-by-step. You’ll receive personalized chat-based coaching to guide your development journey. We can also schedule phone calls for extra accountability or to prepare for key moments.

What Clients Are Saying About Kendra

“Kendra helped me to overcome my aversion to getting things done, and I now feel like I’m the type of person that wakes up in the morning and does the things I’ve set out to do. I owe a lot to Kendra’s guidance and coaching, I highly recommend working with her!”
— Dana

“I was already not terrible at time management, but Kendra made several suggestions. Two of her ideas make a significant difference in my week and have impacted how I approach my work going forward. This is actually HUGE! Plus, she’s a really supportive person who checks-in. She really cares about your results.”
— David

“Kendra did an outstanding job in helping me to organize my overwhelming schedule, create short and long-term plans for achieving my personal and professional goals, and finally got me into the invaluable habit of tracking my progress regularly and adjusting accordingly.”
— Kirill

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Scott Maderer, Texas, USA

If you are interested in developing as a leader I can help. I’ve served in leadership roles within my company for over 10 years. I’ve trained and coached many leaders who served with me while in those roles.

I’ve been trained as a John Maxwell Team Member certified to mentor, coach, and train people in this material from the number one leadership guru according to Inc.com.

I can work with you to assess where you are as a leader and develop a plan and path to get to where you want to be.

Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less. So if you want to become more influential in your personal life, business life, or as a small business owner let’s work together to achieve that goal.

What Clients Are Saying About Scott

“Scott is a fantastic coach. He’s given me many helpful tips for productivity. Everything from setting daily priorities, daily routines, and goal setting. It has been extremely helpful to have him help keep me accountable for setting my priorities. Every night, he would check up on me to make sure I set my priorities for the day. He had me write them down, and would ask me about my progress on those priorities the next day. Extremely helpful. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Scott.”
— Daniel

“Scott keeps the conversation action-oriented and pushes towards action steps but also is willing to help flush out the underlying issues instead of simply glossing over them or ignoring them. He checks in daily and sometimes more frequently. He has experience in science, and has a wealth of outside links and books to recommend. He shares his personal experience when relevant. I really appreciate having a qualified third party to get objective feedback from.”
— Susan

“Scott is an excellent coach in my opinion. He’s clearly committed to coaching, is very supportive and infinitely patient. Highly recommend.”
— Mike

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