Identities → Goals → Habits

Try this exercise if you feel like you lack direction in life.

For each of the cornerstone areas of work and love:

  1. Write down your desired identity.
  2. Set a goal that aligns with your desired identity.
  3. Establish a daily habit that will lead you to your goal.

Here’s what this looks like for me:


  • Identity: A remarkable writer, educator, and coach.
  • Goal: Send a new edition of One Percent Better every week.
  • Habit: Two hours of deep work first thing every morning.


  • Identity: A present, loving, and playful fellow human.
  • Goal: Do two hours of mindfulness meditation every week.
  • Habit: Meditate for 20 minutes every day at lunch.

The beauty of this exercise is that it helps you discover both who you want to be and what you need to do every day to be that person.

I hope you’ll find it as helpful as I have!

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