The ROAR Method

My friend Giovanni Dienstmann is a popular meditation teacher, author, and speaker.

He teaches a simple and powerful technique he calls The ROAR Method1.

It’s useful anytime you deal with difficult emotions like anxiety, fear, and grief.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Recognize the emotion is present — Label it by stating to yourself, for instance, “Anxiety is here.”
  2. Observe it as pure sensations — Notice where in your body they are, what they’re like, and where they’re strongest.
  3. Accept the sensations as they are — Make room for them and let them be there as if it makes no difference to you.
  4. Release the sensations with your exhales — Breathe through the sensations and imagine how every out-breath dissolves them.

The ROAR Method only takes a few minutes and can dramatically shift your emotional state.

I’ve found it very helpful, and if you start practicing it, I’m sure you will, too.


  1. The ROAR Method by Giovanni Dienstmann

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