Do you struggle to maintain your habits and achieve your goals?

If so, it might be a good idea to ask someone to hold you accountable to them.

Research shows that this strategy can make us much likelier to follow through on our intentions.

One weight-loss study, for instance, found that participants who got support from a “weight-loss buddy” lost significantly more weight and inches than participants who went at it alone1.

Knowing that someone else is watching our efforts can be very motivating.

We care a lot about what other people think and don’t want them to have a lesser opinion of us.

And you can use this to your advantage by, for example:

  • Hiring a coach who can track your progress continually.
  • Getting a trainer who can monitor your gym visits consistently.
  • Teaming up with a friend and holding each other accountable.

If you can find a good way to implement accountability, you’ll be likelier to get where you want to go — and you’ll probably have a lot more fun along the way.


  1. The Buddy Benefit: Increasing the Effectiveness of an Employee-Targeted Weight-Loss Program by René Dailey et al.

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