Deep Work

Cal Newport is a computer science professor and the author of several books.

He’s famous for his remarkable productivity, both as a researcher and writer.

According to Newport, there are two types of work you can do1:

  1. Shallow work is non-demanding work that you typically do while distracted.
  2. Deep work is challenging work that you do in a state of distraction-free focus.

These days, most people fill their days with shallow work while very few do deep work.

As a result, people who cultivate the ability to go deep will thrive in the modern economy.

Deep work allows you to get into the flow state, produce meaningful results fast, and experience the sense of fulfillment only true craftsmanship brings.

So, schedule recurring time blocks where you remove all distractions.

Put your phone away, close your email inbox, and shut the door.

When you consistently focus intensely on tasks that matter, you’ll be amazed by how much you’ll accomplish  —  and how satisfying you’ll find the process.


  1. Deep Work by Cal Newport

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