Temptation Bundling

Whenever you want to make a habit more appealing, you can use this formula:

I will only [tempting behavior] while I [desired behavior].

Economist Katy Milkman calls this strategy “temptation bundling.”1

Here are some examples:

  • I will only listen to my favorite podcast while I work out.
  • I will only drink my favorite coffee while I work on my report.
  • I will only watch my favorite show while I fold the laundry.

By combining things you want to do with things you should do, you get to enjoy both immediate rewards and long-term benefits.

And that can be a very effective way to create better habits.

So, whenever a tempting behavior seems compatible with a desired one, consider bundling them together.


  1. Holding the Hunger Games Hostage at the Gym by Katy Milkman et al.

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