Habit Seeds

You can’t rely on motivation when you’re creating a new habit.

It won’t work because motivation is unpredictable and constantly fluctuating.

So, instead of trying to “get motivated,” make your habit really small.

  • Meditate for one minute.
  • Do two pushups.
  • Floss one tooth.

It’s no coincidence that the most influential habit books are named Mini Habits1, Tiny Habits2, and Atomic Habits3.

This approach works exceptionally well.

And that’s because when you start with a tiny seed of a habit, you bypass the need for motivation.

You can do it every day—whether you feel like it or not.

And that allows you to be consistent enough that your habit can take root and grow naturally over time.


  1. Mini Habits by Stephen Guise
  2. Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg
  3. Atomic Habits by James Clear

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