Luck Surface Area

Imagine arrows falling randomly from the sky.

Only these are magical luck arrows that you want to get hit by.

The best way to get hit is to increase the size of your “luck surface area.”

You can think of this as a target you carry over your head.

The bigger your target is, the more likely it will be to get hit by an arrow.

And the size of your target is largely up to you.

If you, for instance, would like more lucky breaks in your career, you could increase your luck surface area by:

  • Building a valuable talent stack to make yourself uniquely qualified if an interesting position appears.
  • Sharing your work online to demonstrate your expertise to employers, partners, or customers.
  • Connect with many people in your industry to allow more opportunities to find you through your network.

You can’t control where the arrows land, but you can maximize your chances of getting hit.

So, instead of just hoping to get lucky, make it as likely as possible for lucky breaks to occur.

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