The Habit Calendar

Whenever you want to create new behaviors, it’s a good practice to measure them.

Research shows that people who track their progress are much more likely to get their desired results.

For instance:

  • People who keep a daily food log lose more weight faster1.
  • Smokers who log their cigarette consumption are more likely to quit2.
  • Students who track their study habits feel more motivated and focused3.

One simple, fun, and effective way to track your behaviors is to use a habit calendar.

This is a tool you use to measure your progress on your desired habits month-by-month:

There are three major reasons why a habit calendar is so beneficial:

  1. It continually reminds you to act on your most important habits.
  2. It provides instant gratification each time you put an X on it.
  3. It creates habit streaks that you’ll want to keep going.

If that sounds helpful, I warmly recommend you create a habit calendar.

Write down a few simple habits and put the calendar someplace where you’ll see it often.

You’ll probably be surprised at how quickly your new behaviors will start to form.


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