The 3-3-3 Method: A Simple Framework to Achieve Your Goals

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been doing some work for my good friend Daniel Sjöstedt.

Daniel is a mental trainer and runs the popular Swedish podcast Monkey mindset.

He’s also a very knowledgeable guy, and I always learn a lot from him.

A while back, he shared a particularly useful idea with me.

He calls it The 3-3-3 Method, and it works like this:

  • Every quarter, you set three goals that you want to achieve in the three months ahead.
  • Each week, you define the three objectives that will have the most impact on your quarterly goals.
  • Every day, you choose the three tasks that will help you make the most progress toward your weekly objectives.

The beauty of this framework is that it provides clear direction and deep focus in everything you do.

All of your daily tasks move you toward your weekly objectives, and your weekly objectives move you toward your quarterly goals.

And since you’re limited to only three tasks, objectives, and goals, you’re forced to continually work on what’s most important.

I’ve implemented The 3-3-3 Method in my own work, and it’s been incredibly impactful.

So much so that I’ve started teaching it to my coaching clients and, apparently, in my writing. 😊

I hope you’ll give The 3-3-3 Method a try. Three months from now, you’ll probably be happy you did.

Thank You…

Daniel Sjöstedt, for teaching me The 3-3-3 Method.

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